Auditchain is the world's first decentralized system of continuous audit and real-time financial reporting protocol! Time

Today, companies are audited in various cases, in most cases when one party does not have a transparent and clear vision of the situation in an important business. This can give answers about how much more time or money is needed to complete the work, start a project, the current situation, what needs to be changed and corrected.

Simply put, an audit of any company or project is an independent assessment of the state of all their parameters, and it should be carried out in accordance with existing and generally accepted standards. They can also check how the team handles its functions, how well the management processes are organized inside. If inconsistencies are identified, the auditor makes recommendations for elimination or improvement.

An audit can also be conducted by employees, independently determining their competence and benefits for the company, based on this conclusion and the personal map of each with the development plan. That is, it is quite a vast territory and requires constant checks in order to better understand what actions should be taken to further increase production.

The audit process takes a long time, usually 2-3 weeks, and, as you know, it can affect the workflow and costs a lot of money. Each communication with employees is documented, discussed, problems and ways of their decision come to light. This option is already outdated and requires a more innovative and faster approach to finding optimal actions and solutions in real time, without distracting many parts of the processes.

And the ideal solution for this area is the Auditchain project, let's explore it.

Auditchain is a decentralized platform that continuously collects reports, information from production, from enterprises, checks them and immediately issues inspection reports without intermediaries and third parties who may be interested in forging documents. This greatly speeds up the process of obtaining recommendations for improving the performance and visibility of the whole picture.

Companies no longer need to look for independent auditors who may not always be qualified and worry about the results, professionalism and disclosure of confidential information to third parties. All this will be implemented on a single platform and will be performed using AUDT tokens and verified by a network of certified accountants.

The auditors are led by the DCARPE Alliance, which provides all the necessary tools and assistance to implement this protocol in enterprises. AUDT tokens will help create a new economy of trust and help ensure and safely disclose information from enterprises and constantly check activities to quickly find solutions to those problems that are already starting to slow down the process.

In my opinion, this is a very necessary and important platform that allows many investors, large companies to make a decision to invest in small and medium-sized businesses, as they will receive continuous current information on the development of their production.

Today, the initial placement of tokens on the exchange begins at at the price of one token of 0.20 USD and to participate in it you will need to register on the site, make a deposit in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC or EUR currency and purchase the necessary amount .

In conclusion, I want to say that the team is already actively entering into partnership agreements with many well-known companies to provide their services and can count on successful development. Thank you for your attention, all the necessary links for a deeper understanding of the holidays below:

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