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Hallo everything, on this occasion I will explain a little about one project in the world of blockchain that offers a project that is very helpful for daily life. As we all know most people will be very difficult to manage between money or time, often a person will have a lot of time but have no money, and likewise sometimes there are people who have a lot of money but Don't have time because it's too busy. But with the presence of the project Mycro such a thing will not be a problem anymore, because the slogan of Mycro is "Simply Getting the Job Done". 

A little explanation about Mycro. Mycro is a company in the field of blockchain that is developing an application that allows everyone to search and offer a job very easily, just by finding a job that fits you, register yourself on The work. and finish the job. It is quite simple but the benefits offered by Mycro can be said to overcome the problem especially in when wanting to find a job.
Mycro will create a global peer-to-peer network platform and decentralized for simple work. People all over the world have to choose for themselves what they are doing, when and for whom they work and how much time they are. As for the mission that is owned by Mycro ie give everyone access to this opportunity no matter they come from where.

Mycro also issued a token called MYO which will be the method of payment for each work that has been done, for example, when applying for a job, job seekers can use the Mycro (MYO) token to get a better position In the job provider dashboard. Similar to the bid on the eBay auction, the artisan did not pay until he had given the job and the job was done.

As for the tokens of Mycro (MYO) itself has a total supply of 100 million tokens that are built on Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20) which has the type as a Utility Token. With total Supply and with great demand will be able to boost the price more and more. And do not forget the Token from Mycro (MYO) also has the following functions:
  • Job Shopping :  Job seekers can use MYO tokens to get better positions on the job applicants list.
  • Currency : It is planned that users can pay with Mycro tokens (MYO). (Subject to official permission).
  • Rewarding : Rewards users with Mycro (MYO) tokens for a good rating after a successful job is completed.
  • Refferal : Rewards users with Mycro tokens (MYO) for advertising activities for those applications.
As for the ICO of the Mycro token (MYO) will be held in Q4 2018, which has a hardcap of €14 million but if you are interested in having a token from Mycro you can buy now by joining the Private Sale with a limited bonus . 

And if you are a Bounty Hunter immediately register yourself to get more tokens

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